Who we are

Through sponsorship of individual children as well as scholarship funds, we can provide necessary and appropriate access to educational facilities, materials, health care, and nutrition. We work to enable children at the B.L. Tezza School for the Deaf and other children with disabilities in southwestern rural Kenya access to quality education, vocational skills, advocacy, and community development. Our current strategy builds on our strong belief to contribute towards the need of these children who have been marginalized and left behind by false cultural stigma and continuing legal difficulties. We have made a commitment as an organization to connect with the communities we want to serve, and to bring forth empowerment and understanding to others about individuals with disabilities and their ability to thrive as not only individuals, but as a group of people to bring positive change.

B. L. Tezza Special School for the Deaf was started to provide strategic interventions in the areas of education that effectively addressed the needs of Deaf vulnerable children in need of special education and protection. This school started in the year 2015 with initial enrollment of 23 children and has grown to almost 100 children since. Not only has the school taken in children with profound Deafness, but they have extended their reach to children with autism, speech delays, and physical disabilities when other schools could not accommodate their needs in the local area or parents/guardians could not afford the monetary cost of travel and educational fees.

Our Team